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Our end-to-end SAP ERP consulting services will be incomplete without product evaluation assistance for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). EAI is an important aspect of ERP implementation. Many ERP applications including SAP ERP requires many tools to connect and integrate with a variety of systems and processes used in an organization.

We use our experience and technical proficiency of SAP ERP to evaluate integration products that bond well with SAP ERP and our client’s systems. We take care to evaluate products for reliability, scalability, security of information as well as cost. By assessing a product’s pros and cons or its special capabilities around specific domains and technologies used, we make sure that our recommendations are appropriate and unbiased.

With our careful choice of the right products for ERP integration, we ensure safe, secure, continuous, and accurate flow of data among the various systems and applications of our client. Our SAP experts are adept at building necessary customizations on these products and all versions of SAP ERP as needed.